Avoid stoop, Always sit with straight back.

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  1. Clinician advise
  2. Neurologist expert opinion
  3. Dietician Advise
  4. Infrastructure:
    • Theraband exercises – These individually structured innovative exercises with the use of flexible elastic coloured therabands of various resistances to improve muscular strength and joint range.
    • Myofascial releases – A highly effective manual therapeutic technique that provides immediate relief from muscular spasm, adhesions and in turn pain.
    • Traction machines – It is a machine that uses a set of mechanisms for relieving pressure over the spine and skeletal system.
    • Swiss ball
    • Interferential therapy – IFT is a machine that utilizes the significant physiological effects of low frequency electrical stimulation of nerves to elicit a desired effect of reduced muscle spasm and in turn pain relief for the patient.
    • Ultrasound – This is a machine that uses the physiological effects of high frequency sound waves that facilitates healing and causes a reduction in swelling, muscle spasm and thereby increases extensibility of soft tissues.
    • Electrical muscle stimululation-
    • Foam roller
    • Gym Robot