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An experienced Spine Surgeon heads our team. He is an expert clinician and he is good at conservative as well as operative care. Team at Spine Rx Clinic is backed by an experienced neuro radiologist with a Special interest in spine imaging A team of physiotherapists who have excellent understanding of spinal rehabilitation and ergonomic interventions. Dedicated Nutritionist who offers the right diet to patient with dietary insufficiencies.

When it comes to operative care, we offer the most sophisticated and evidence based treatment to our patients. All surgeries performed at Sancheti Hospital, where Dr Ketan is a Chief Spine Surgeon.

Dr Ketan Khurjekar is a renowned Spine surgeon now working in Pune for more than 12 years. He heads the Spine Clinic and he also heads the Spine Surgery Department at Sancheti hospital.
He is an academician par excellence, Clinician and Surgeon. Dr Khurjekar has performed more than 7500 Spine Surgeries which includes Microscopic Spine surgeries, Cervical spine surgeries and Spinal deformity corrections. As a Clinician Dr Khurjekar travels to multiple countries, sees patients in India and as well abroad. Very academically involved, Dr Khurjekar is invited on various academic National and International platforms to Speak about various subjects in Spine Surgery. Dr Khurjekar goes as a Invited Scoliosis Surgeon to Muscat, Sultanat of Oman. He has started minimal invasive spine surgery at Sancheti Hospital which has given faster heeling and full activity of life to hundreds of patients. He has conducted workshops on Artificial disc replacement at Sancheti Hospital and have also performed Total Disc replacement Surgeries for patients of Neck pain and Cervical Disc Herniation.


Dr. Ganesh Bhandari
Dr. Ganesh Bhandari is a B.P.Th graduate from Sancheti Institute College Of Physiotherapy, Shivajinagar, Pune. He is a highly motivated, confident individual with exceptional multi- tasking and organisational skills. Able to communicate effectively and sensitively with patients and carers to maximise the rehabilitation of patients and to ensure understanding of often complex clinical issues impacting on recovery. Provide Physiotherapy treatment for Low back pain, Lumbar strain, Multiple joint pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, Neck pain, Fracture cases and Sports injuries. Also provide Postural training, core stability training and Ergonomic advices for IT Professional and clerical jobs.

He believes that every patient’s spine problems are not same, so he emphasise on tailor made exercise programme for each individual. For example the spine problem of IT people or clerks are entirely different from housewives.

gbhandari8spinerx@gmail.com +918308487818

Dr. Shamika Bhatwadekar
Job overview-
"Exercise is a key to healthy lifestyle" Physiotherapy is rehabilitation profession that promotes mobility , function and healthy quality of life.

Personal background-
Highy motivated and patient physiotherapist with good handling skills treating patients with low back pain, spondylolesthesis, spondylosis, osteoarthritis of knee, shoulder, periarthritis shoulder, tennis elbow , heel pain and many more ortho related condition. Graduated and trained from Sancheti Institute College of physiotherapy which is among best physiotherapy colleges. Has a hands on experience and is trained in various manual therapy approaches like Mulligan’s manual therapy for Spinal and peripheral joints.
Also actively involved in health promotion area of interest being, women’s health.

shamika91@gmail.com +918552827053

Paediatric and Family physician. Working as a head in Shriyash Paediatric and General clinic at Pirangut Mulashi Pune.Work as a partner in Shriyash clinic Aryneshwar Pune.Work as a Assistant Consultant Physician in Spine Rx clinic.Working in medical field since last 16 years.


 Mayuresh is a  certified fitness trainer for special population and sports nutritionist. Had huge experience in providing persoalised training sessions to accidental cases and special population like slip disk, any accidental cases,agility & strength exercises. Also providing sports nutrition consultancy and fat loss as well as weight gain programs.