Avoid stoop, Always sit with straight back.

Dietician Corner

We are what we eat!!!

We all are very conscious about our diets, in our own limited understanding of it we try to balance it, skip meals, add some meals and in our own way try to maintain health, but does it really work???.... Haven’t we all experienced failure in achieving our goals despite all our relentless dietary efforts??

WAIT AND THINK, are you doing it RIGHT WAY?? 

We, here at clinic spine rx, provide information about balanced nutrients regarding the nature of the disease, and how it can be recognized or prevented, a self-structured individual instruction on diet.
For effective dietary counseling, a team approach (doctor- dietitian- physiotherapist) is very important with a good rapport with the patients.
We are here to help in wider use of dietary counseling, and services to extend and clarify diet instruction, and follow-ups. 
Diet counseling is used with advantage for groups like school going children, college going groups, chronic disease like diabetes, heart related diseases, hypertension, as well as osteoporosis, gout (high uric acid), anemia and hyperacidity.